How to Add a Link to a Document (e.g. a PDF)

            Step 1: Click on the “Add Media” Button

            This will bring up a window with all of the images and files that you have uploaded previously


            Step 2: Choose the File that You Would Like to Link To

            If you have already uploaded the file: select the image you want to insert by clicking it

            If you have not yet uploaded the file: click the “Upload Files” tab and upload your file. It will automatically be selected when the upload is finished.

            Step 3: Enter The Text You Would Like to Use for the Link

            Once you have selected the file, you can type the text you would like the link to be in the “Title” field (e.g. “Click here to download the file”). 

            Step 4: Insert the Link

            Then click “Insert Into Page”.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:10 AM
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