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            How To Add A New Page to Your Menu

            New pages are not automatically added to your menu(s), so you will need to manually add it when you are ready.

            Step 1: Navigate to the Menu Editor

            To navigate to the place where you can edit your menu, click on “Menus” in the “Appearance” menu in the left-hand navigation.

            Here you will see two different columns:

            1. On the left are all the “pages” or “objects” on the website that you might want to add to the menu. They are organized by type (e.g. page, posts, etc.)
            2. On the right is the current menu. These items can be dragged and rearranged, both in terms of order (up and down) and hierarchy (left and right).

            Step 2: Create a New Menu Item that Links to your Page

            In order to add your page to the menu, first select the page from the pages section (should be at the top of the “Most Recent” tab) and then click “Add to Menu”.

            Step 3: Move the New Menu Item to the Appropriate Location

            When you add a new page it will automatically appear as a menu item all the way at the bottom of the menu, and so you will need to drag it to its appropriate location. Simply hover your mouse over the menu item and drag it where you want it to be.

            NOTE: You can rearrange existing menu items in the same manner.

            Step 4: Relabel Your Menu Item (Optional)

            If you like you can edit the text that will be displayed for the menu item by clicking the arrow on the right-hand side of the item and editing the “Navigation Label” field.

            Step 5: Save Your Changes

            When you are finished updating your item, click the “Save Menu” button at the very top or very bottom of the page.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:14 AM
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