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            How To Create a New Blog Post

            The process for creating a blog posts follows a very similar structure to that of creating any other piece of content.

            Step 1: Create a New Blank Blog Post

            You can begin by clicking on “Posts > Add New” on the left hand menu:

            Step 2: Fill In Your Content and Set the Necessary Fields


            Once you have created a new blank blog post, you will need to fill in and set the necessary fields:

            Title: Your post's title.

            Content: The content of your post.

            Excerpt: This will be shown wherever the post is displayed in a "feed" (e.g. your homepage, your blog index, etc.).

            Categories: The categories you would like to associate with your post.

            Featured Image: It is often important to the design of the site that all blog posts have a featured image. This will be displayed in the blog feed on the home page, on the blog landing page, and at the top of the post itself. 

            Step 3: Preview and Publish Your Post

            The "Publish" box is where you can preview the post, save a draft or publish the post. If you like, you can schedule the post to be published in the future by clicking the “Edit” button beside “Publish Immediately:

            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:38 AM
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