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            How to Create a New Page

            Step 1: Navigate To The "Pages" Section of Your Dashboard

            You can begin creating a new page by clicking the “Add New” link underneath the “Pages” section on the left-hand navigation.

            Step 2: Select Your Desired Parent Page (Optional)

            If you like, you can make your page a "sub-page" of another page. To do this, select the parent page from the "Parent" drop-down field in the "Page Attributes" box.

            Step 3: Select Your Desired Page Template (Optional)

            Most of the time you will be ok to stick with the default page template, but if you want you can switch to a different template by selecting one of the options in the "Page Attributes" box on the right-hand side of the page.

            Step 4: Add Your Content

            Start by typing in your title in the top field.


            Directly below the title is the area for adding page content. 

            NOTE: Some pages may include additional custom fields. For reference, please see "Working with Custom Fields".

            Step 4: Preview Your Page

            We recommend that you preview your page before you publish it. To preview a page, click the "Preview" button in the "Publish" box on the right hand side of the page.

            Step 5: Publish Your Page

            When ready, click “Publish”.

            NOTE: Your page will not be linked to your menu until you add it. Click here to learn about how to add pages to your menu.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:12 AM
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