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            How to Edit Forms' Notifications and Confirmation Emails

            You are able to set up and edit auto-notifications and user confirmation emails for every form on your website.

            Step 1: Open Up the Form Editor for your Form

            Click clicking on "Forms" in the left-hand menu and  then click on the name of the form you wish to edit.

            Step 2: Select the "Notifications"

            When editing a form, there are four tabs to select from. Generally speaking, the only tab that you will want to use is the “Notifications” tab.

            1. Form Settings: This is where some of the technical settings are selected. You should never need to edit any of these settings.
            2. Field Settings: This is where the individual form fields are created. You should never need to edit any of these settings.
            3. Notifications: This is where all notifications are created. 
            4. Form Preview: Provides the ability to preview the form

            Click on the "Notifications" tab to edit your form's notification emails.

            Step 3: Add or Edit Notifications

            Generally speaking, there are three different types of notifications:
            1. The “Success Message”, which will display on the screen when the user fills out the form.
            2. The “Internal Notification Email”, which will be sent to your team. By default, it will include all of the fields that have been filled out by the user. You can always change who it is sent to by adding or removing email addresses from the “To” field.
            3. The “Visitor Notification Email”, which will be sent to the visitor who filled out the form. You can edit the message in the box and include any of the fields that they have filled out (e.g. their name) within the email by selecting it from the dropdown box and clicking “Insert Field”.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:39 AM
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