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            How to Work With Custom Fields and Page Templates


            Editing text-based custom fields functions the same way as editing any text on your website.


            Where images can be added (e.g. banner images, etc.), we have specified the ideal size and file-type underneath the field.


            "Rows" are groups of custom fields that can be repeated. Rows are a powerful editing tool. All rows look a little different, but they all follow the same general principles. The following uses the example of a homepage banner to illustrate how to edit rows.


            To Add a New Row

            Click the “Add Row” button. This will add an empty row that you can fill in.

            To Remove A Row 

            Hover your mouse over the row and click the “-“ symbol


            To Rearrange Rows

            Hover your mouse over the left-hand hand side of the rows, hold down your mouse button and drag the row to its new position.


            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:37 AM
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