Mac Mail 2010

            Step 1: Open Your Mail Program

            Click the "Mail" application icon to launch it.

            Step 2: Open the New Account Wizard

            Select "File" from the menu and select "Add Account" to launch the "New Account" window.

            Step 3: Enter Your Account Information

            Add your name, the email address of the account and the password of the new email account to the "Add Account" window that you have been provided with. If you're unsure of this information, contact Snap360. Click "Continue."

            Select the account type as POP. Use a unique identifier in the "Description" field, as this is the field that will quickly allow you to identify your account in the Mail Application. Type the incoming mail server as, your username is your email address and the password is the same as step 3. Click "Continue."

            Type in your Outgoing Mail Server as Check the "Use Authentication" check box and also enter your User Name and Password for the "SMTP" server Username: Your email address, Password: Same password as in Steps 3 and 4. Click "Continue."

            Step 4: Activate Your Account

            Click "Create" to create your new email account after "Mail" shows you a summary of the new account information if the "Take account online" box is checked when you click "Create" your account is now active.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:44 AM
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